To engage the community in caring for the Earth by participating in the simple process of composting.

Joanne Tooley is a Permaculturist and Vermiculturist.

Her philosophy is simple:

Take care of the Earth
              and the Earth will take care of you.

She bases her business on the 3 ethics of Permaculture:

Care for the Earth 
Care for the People
Share the Bounty

In 2008, Joanne became aware of how wasteful, unhealthy and unsustainable the current food system model is in the U.S. It turned her away from purchasing industrial produced foods to supporting the organic food movement and shopping locally.  She also grows her own food at one of Madison's community gardens. 

In 2010 she received her Permacutlure Design Certificate which changed much of how she saw the environment and the earth. She learned that composing organic waste is the simplest and one of the most basic ways to help create a more sustainable food system. She became a Master Composter in 2011 and owns and manages a small worm farm in Lodi, WI.

The local food movement has made great progress in the distribution of organic foods produced from healthy soils into our local markets, however; there is a weak mechanism or no mechanism in place when it comes to recycling our food waste back to the earth to complete the cycle. Right now this potential resource is mixed with the trash and dumped into the landfill - entombed forever!

Earth Stew Composting Services is the mechanism that allows individuals and businesses an easy and affordable way to participate when composting for themselves is not an viable option. 

Certifications: Master Composter - Midwest Extension Compost School - USZWBC Business Associate

The Service is Easy to Use

Earth Stew Compost Services makes composting so easy.  We just put everything in the bucket.  Then we set it out for pick up and get a fresh bucket.  Very easy!

Mary E.


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