Earth Stew Compost Services

Reuse, Recycle

Recycled and re-usable items are used as much as possible.  
Don't be surprised if you see filling ingredients or a pickle logo on the back of your bucket!
Each bucket has a cover to keep it safe from children, pets and outside critters.

Shredded Cardboard

The lack of air flow causes the wrong kind of microorganism to develop and create the familiar nasty odors. We provide you with shredded corrugated cardboard purchased from the Central Wisconsin Center to help maintain some air flow which can reduce these odors. Just add a handful or two each time you add food scraps. (If possible, place the cover slightly to one side during the week so that air can circulate into the bucket.)


3 Easy Steps to Compost!

1). Fill the container with food waste.   2). Put it out for collection.   3). Receive a clean container.

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