Acceptable Food Waste 

Because your food waste is being composted to replenish nutrients back into the Earth's soils, there are limitations to the types of organics that we can collect. Below is a list of acceptable food waste.

Fruit and Vegetable pulp/peelings
Grains (including breads), egg shells, plants
Coffee grounds/filters, loose tea & tagless tea bags.

NOTE: If you use tag tea bags with staples, you can rip off the top portion that has the staple and compost the bottom portion.

Non-acceptable food waste  - at this time.

Dairy product, Oils
Paper product (except the given cardboard)
Pet waste
Compostable & Bio-degradable bags and containers  (To keep beneficial microorganisms alive during decomposition the maximum temperature range is between 140 - 143  degrees. These bags and containers need a higher temperature of approximately 160 degrees to fully compost).


3 Easy Steps to Compost!

1). Fill the container with food waste.   2). Put it out for collection.   3). Receive a clean container.

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